Eugene Garlánd is a Russian filmmaker and visual artist now based in Vancouver, Canada.

Eugene's creative works range from commercials and music videos to performance art, documentary, and narrative films. He likes to explore the topics of belonging, discovery of meaning in everyday things, and search of a common language.

Eugene truly believes in the transformative power of visual art. He is dedicated to creating artworks that facilitate social change and create an impact, no matter how small it is.

From an early age, Eugene was drawn to art. Over the years he tried his hand at theatre, creative writing, music, and fine arts until he finally found his place in film.

Among his biggest influences are artists such as Marina Abramović, Renata Litvinova, Wong Kar-Wai, Xavier Dolan, Denis Villeneuve, Jean-Marc Vallée, Todd Heyns, Pablo Sorrentino, and many others.

Eugene's most recent work includes directing two short films - Sister and The Wink of the Barfly.

Apart from that, he was a Director of Photography in In the Case of Damien, Centipedes, A Table for Two, Safe From Harm, and A Girl Dies.

All is an illusion.